What is Blockchain technology ?

Blockchain technology is an innovative mix of decades old tried and tested technologies including Public key cryptography and Cryptographic hash functions.

We develop blockchain based projects, solutions, products and applications on public, private or dedicated blockchains. Based on the need we can build complete blockchain stack to suit commercial, technical requirements of your enterprise and applicable use cases. This includes smart contracts, wallet, payments and identity based apps and enterprise browser applications.

With an established expertise through multiple projects over years in the space of payment, identity and telecom, BankIt has deep insight and understanding of complexity of high transaction volumes, high scalability and availability demands of complex software solutions.
Bringing blockchain expertise with these vertical experience means a significant maturity in the models and solutions that are built by us.

What are we doing in the space ?
BANKIT is at a leadership position and takes proactive part in blockchain ecosystem. We partner and participate in many groups and consortiums that today represents leadership with regulators and in the fintech space.
BANKIT helps in the adoption, integration and realization of blockchain networks and applications. It also brings its strength from payments and identity to complement or combine with blockchain and help amplify its value to all stake holders and consumers.

BANKIT participates in blockchain based ecosystem projects:
  • Real-time global remittance at at with automated reconciliation at marginal cost.
  • Shared KYC ecosystem
  • Quick APIs to enhance existing mobile apps and online systems
  • Smart Contracts to deploy innovative financial products
  • Cognitive solutions for advanced KYC and other applications

BANKIT is also a member of the consortium of Banks and Financial service institutions who are exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions, this consortium now has 30+ member banks globally.

BankIT blockchain projects :

Know Your Customer

We are working with consortium members to develop a permissioned blockchain for shared KYC, AML and CFT Key features include opportunities to share KYC records, sharing of investigation reports, suspicious transaction reports, cross border wire transfer reports and AML, CFT checks against credible publicly available databases.

Cross border remittance

Using blockchain for near real-time cross border remittance at very less cost. It features automated reconciliation, regulator nodes and detailed transaction meta-data.

Wallet on Blockchain

BANKIT provides wallet on blockchain, so that vulnerabilities of unintended changes in ledger which are critical to the integrity of wallet operation can be removed. Make your wallet trusted and dependable.

Smart Contract Applications

BANKIT is experimenting innovative smart contract applications for streaming payments that are based on certain conditions. It can be daily wage, online media and many such conditional contracts.

Blockchain development is being delivered and tried out on various delivery channels including the following :

  • Comprehensive web portal
  • Android mobile app
  • White label platforms
  • APIs for Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Engage with us for your interest in above subjects: