Investment in 99.99 pure Gold - Safegold

Investment in 99.99  pure Gold - Safegold

BANKIT SafeGold is a digital gold investment platform that allows customers to buy, sell and receive vaulted gold, starting from as little as Rs 10 from any BANKIT Outlets. SafeGold focuses on using technology to improve transparency and efficiency in buying gold.

BANKIT SafeGold is an organized and transparent way to purchase 24K gold in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. BANKIT SafeGold is not a financial product or deposit, but a way to buy gold for a customer's personal needs. Based on this plan, the customer can purchase their gold as they wish. The customer has the complete freedom to request the physical delivery of gold or bars at any time and as often as he/she wishes.

How to invest in gold online?

BANKIT’s SafeGold is a transparent and organized digital way to purchase, sell and receive vaulted gold. It is a product of Digital Gold India Private Limited, an institutionally owned organisation committed to improve transparency and efficiency of gold market using technology.

BANKIT’s SafeGold allows you to purchase the yellow metal in small denominations with amount as low as Rs.10. You can buy and sell gold online as much as you desire round the clock at live prices which are completely transparent to the bullion market. As far as the quality of gold is concerned, be assured that you will get nothing but the best quality 24k pure gold with your every purchase.

Features of Digital Gold Investment

  • Buy gold
  • By investing as little as Rs 10
  • Anywhere, anytime at the click of a button
  • Without any hassles of storage and safe-keeping with gold stored in a central vault by the vendor.
  • Sell the accumulated gold at the current gold sale price, without closing period, and receive an immediate credit to your Savings Account.
  • Request for doorstep delivery of available gold balance in standard gold products (coins and bars).
  • You can buy jewellery by buying the available gold balance at online / offline jewellery retailers, working with the seller and getting exciting deals.

How it works?

  • Buy: Purchase 24k Pure Gold at affordable price
  • Store : Maintain your Gold Balance Online
  • Sell : Sell online Anytime
  • Request Delivery : On- Demand Delivery in Customized Packaging

What makes BANKIT SafeGold Better?

  • 100% online with zero paperwork in just few clicks
  • Buy, store and sell it anytime, anywhere
  • Convert into physical form and get it delivered, safely and easily