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A Journey Towards the Encouragement of Financial Inclusion to the Last Mile of Society

BANKIT Services Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 27001:2013 certified, B2B2C Fintech company. Since its inception in 2017, BANKIT has been working towards Financial Inclusion through its robust technology by providing Seamless, Fast and Secure Banking, Financial and Payment solutions, especially to the under-banked population through its vast Digi Mitra network with an extensive focus on rural and semi-rural areas. The inauguration of the idea behind BANKIT was to eradicate financial inaccessibility from the root itself. Hence, the activities conducted by BANKIT and the services provided by BANKIT aim to minimise the gap that prevails in society between the people who hold easy access to modern-day yet basic financial services and those who suffer from the inaccessibility to financial services in any form.

Context Behind the concept of BANKIT

Even after having achieved a commendable rate of development in various walks of life, India as a developing country lacks something that keeps the underprivileged people still underprivileged. The digital transformation of the country is taking place swiftly. Yet, there still exists something that is standing like a gigantic wall between the digitally backward people and their access to digitalisation and basic financial services. The level of digital financial literacy is comparatively low among the people residing in remote areas. Thus, the need to pull down that wall of hindrance led to the emergence of a platform, which, in the true sense could make the digital revolution in the field of financial services reach every threshold of India.

There is an apparent absence of bank branches/ATMs in certain areas of India. A proportion of the population suffers from a lack of inaccessibility to financial services that present-day India offers that make them deal in cash. BANKIT, thus, came into existence to convert cash into a digital instrument. BANKIT visioned to help people minimise the use of cash by providing them a digital route to make better, modern and digital usage of cash. The unstructured economy of rural, semi-urban and some urban areas forethought to be served by BANKIT through user-oriented banking, financial and payment services.

How Does BANKIT Conduct Its Business?

BANKIT onboards agents in every nook and corner of the country, particularly in the remotest of areas. Encouraging and supporting the employment prospect of local shop owners, BANKIT is also enabling them to become digitally empowered, as a consequence of which, they can help the people of their vicinity by disseminating the concept of all basic financial services. BANKIT, through its wide network of agents, renders all the digital services concerning the financial segment to the unbanked, underbanked, digitally illiterate and migrant population of India.

BANKIT makes its agents the driver of the digital ride of the financial services. Moreover, BANKIT possesses a strong base of dedicated and hardworking human resources embellished with an innovative mindset and passion to add sharp growth to the country. Consequently, BANKIT helps provide essential banking and financial services to the last mile of society. Through its deviceful working system and dutiful workforce, the unstructured economy of rural areas is being converted into a digital working system. BANKIT, by generating vivid opportunities, is encouraging people to contribute to financial inclusion.

What we are and what services do we offer?

We are a team of digitally-driven people who create a staircase of opportunities for the people who need access to novel ways of employment and digital means of livelihood by offering Financial services to the underserved population.

We, at BANKIT, create ideas that help us generate employment opportunities for local shop owners, entrepreneurs, young people and underprivileged people, support the entrepreneurial spirit of people and deliver access to digital advancement in the banking and financial field even for the remotely located people.

Our services are aimed at eradicating the presence of those factors that lead to the increment of digital illiteracy and financial inaccessibility. We encourage financial inclusion by digitalising people. We equip local shop owners with the technology and necessities to make them start providing the services that BANKIT offers. Further, these local shop owners deliver all the services to the people of their respective areas.

The banking, financial and payment services that we offer under our brand name, BANKIT are-

  • Money Transfer Service - Domestic Money Transfer Service through which money can be transferred to any bank account in India without visiting a bank.
  • Cash Withdrawal Services - Aadhaar Enabled Payment System through which money can be withdrawn using an Aadhaar of a person from any Aadhaar linked bank account in India and Mini ATM Service through which money can be withdrawn using a debit card of a person with the help of a small-hand-sized ATM device.
  • Utility Bill Payments Service - Through which bill payments of multiple services like- Electricity, Water, Gas, Phone, Broadband, FASTag, Municipal taxes, etc., can be paid without any hassle.
  • Prepaid Recharges Service - Through which recharges of Mobile, DTH and Data can be done from a single place.
  • LIC Premium Payment Service - An online and around the corner service for paying LIC Premium Payment ensuring fast and timely payment of LIC Premium.
  • Credit Card Bill Payment - A fast and reliable mode of paying the credit card bill payment that offers convenience at its best.
  • Travel and Stay Service through - Pocket-friendly and well-timed ticket bookings of flights, bus and hotel bookings can be made with an attractive commission for Retailers.
  • IRCTC Travel Agent - An IRCTC authorized travel agent opportunity to book easy-going, assured and cost-effective train tickets.
  • PAN Card Center - Through which, the service of generating a PAN Card is provided to a customer in his/her vicinity.


Our Mission

We are empowering entrepreneurs technologically, so they can further serve the under-banked and unbanked population with basic banking and financial services and contribute to the all-inclusive growth of the country.

“To work smartly towards a path of digital financial empowerment of people. By generating various unparalleled employment opportunities and delivering exceptional services to the people residing in the remotest areas, we are making a country where everyone has the right to grow.”

Our Vision

We are walking with dedication towards our mission to eradicate financial inaccessibility and foster financial inclusion in the country along with encouraging entrepreneurship among the citizens.

“Our vision is to become the most trusted brand when it comes to providing banking, financial and payment services to all the people, especially the unbanked, underbanked, digitally backward and migrant population of the country. We aspire to achieve this goal by continuously uplifting the spirit of dedication of our employees, equipping them with the latest technology to stay updated and providing our business partners with the convenient, reliable and state-of-the-art services to grow with them so that we can achieve our mission in no time.”

What Do We Work Towards?

With our unparalleled purpose of making every individual digitally and financially equipped, we, at BANKIT work towards-

  • Financial inclusion.
  • Creating entrepreneurs in the remotest areas.
  • Delivering digital financial services.
  • Supporting, encouraging and promoting digital financial literacy.
  • Generating ideas to deliver innovation at every threshold of Indian households.
  • Empowering everyone to get accustomed to the novel ways of making payments and transferring, receiving and withdrawing money.


What Makes BANKIT the Best Business Partner?

  • Provides equal access to opportunities by everyone.
  • Provides continual support to promote one’s entrepreneurship.
  • Encourages to become self-reliant with minimal skill set.
  • Helps in creating a platform to generate persistent earnings.
  • Gives an opportunity to own a reputable livelihood.

What sets BANKIT Apart?

  • Immediate onboarding
  • Web and App based service transactions.
  • Real-time commission payouts.
  • Generation of more convenient functionalities every now and then.
  • Timely and accurate redressal of problems.

We offer our end to end expertise in