Money Transfer Service | Remittance Online

Money Transfer Service | Remittance Online

Transfer money securely to any bank account!

Through BANKIT's financial solutions and portal, you can provide an unparalleled banking experience to your customers. BANKIT's simple money remittance services allow the customers to send money anywhere in India without any hassle. 

  • Send cash to bank account instantly
  • Available 24/7
  • Service available on Sundays and Public Holidays as well
  • Instant confirmation message sent to the sender
  • Safe and Secure transactions
  • This service is available at all branches
  • Verified account transfers


Start Your online money transfer business!

Domestic Money Transfer Services enables the underbanked and unbanked population of the country to transfer money to any bank account in India, through cash to bank account method. 

With BANKIT's integrated web portal anyone can open an online money transfer agency and help to earn extra. With the online money transfer franchise, you can become a local banker in your area and provide accessible banking and money transfer services.


The Tatkal Money Transfer Agent can easily process the customer's request of sending money with an easy, convenient, and best money transfer application. With BANKIT you can start your money transfer business and earn attractive commissions on each successful transaction.


With the BANKIT web portal and application, the Domestic Money Remittance becomes very easy. Only a few details like the Customer's Mobile Number, Beneficiary Account Number, Bank Name, and IFSC Code is required to credit the amount in real-time via NEFT or IMPS, based on the customer's requirement and beneficiary bank.


Customers can Transfer money to different banks spread across a wide network. With BANKIT DigiMitra Outlets, they can safely and securely remit money to various nationalized and private banks.

BANKIT provides two options to transfer money AREMIT (through cash) and PREMIT (transfer from PayTM wallet to bank account.

Convert your shop into a mini bank!



  • Cost-Effective
  • A convenient way for sending money online
  • Send money to all PSUs and private banks
  • Free SMS notification for all transactions

How To use BANKIT DMT Service?

  • In BANKIT app or portal, select the method by which you want to send money through. For cash select ‘AREMIT’ and to send money from PayTM wallet select ‘PREMIT’
  • Enter the sender mobile number and submit. If the sender isn’t registered, it will ask for basic sender details to register.
  • Now you can check the beneficiary accounts registered with this sender. If the beneficiary is not registered, add recipient by filling the details like recipient name, bank account number, bank name, IFSC code, mobile number etc.
  • Click on ‘Pay Now’ and complete the transaction with sender and recipient details.


BANKIT DMT service offers a limit of Rs. 25,000 per sender per month from AREMIT option. It allows a sender to send upto Rs. 50,000 using OREMIT (KYC based) option available.

Open an Online Money Transfer Business now and start earning some extra bucks!