BANKIT Retailer

In India, most Indian citizens enjoy banking services on their phones nowadays. However, the absence of phones or the knowledge to use phones can be seen clearly among the rest of the Indian population. Many people still lack access to modern digital banking, financial, and payment services.

Therefore, BANKIT uses its “Retailers” to provide all the present-day banking services to the people who need easy access to these services.

Who is a BANKIT Retailer?

In the journey towards digital India with BANKIT, a Retailer plays an important role. BANKIT Retailer is one who starts his banking business with BANKIT and then provides BANKIT services to the people of his area.

BANKIT offers employment opportunities to local shop owners in areas where bank branches and ATMs are not available. This employment opportunity is also available for anyone who belongs to rural, semi-rural, and urban areas, who wants to start their own business, and who wants to add an extra source of income to their existing livelihood.

A BANKIT Retailer provides all the banking, financial, and payment services like-

How BANKIT Benefits You?

Some of the most advantageous aspects of being a BANKIT Retailer are-

  • Become a registered BANKIT retailer and start earning from the very first day.
  • You can start your business with BANKIT with less investment and get a high return.
  • BANKIT increases your earning prospect by making you provide a wide range of banking, financial, and payment services to your customers.
  • BANKIT enables you to become a banking point in your area.
  • BANKIT makes you sell its digital banking, financial, and payment services and earn attractive commissions on every transaction.
  • It makes you accept payments from your customers through My QR Code and get real-time credit in your BANKIT Wallet. The facility of settling the received amount in your bank account anytime 24 hours 365 days a year is also available with BANKIT.
  • BANKIT increases your earnings or adds up an extra source of income to your livelihood and makes you earn a reputable job title in your neighbourhood as well. 

How can you become a BANKIT Retailer?

You can easily become a BANKIT Retailer and start earning more by starting your cash withdrawal and money transfer business with BANKIT.

There are two ways to start your banking business with BANKIT-

What Makes BANKIT the Best Choice?

BANKIT is a renowned FinTech company providing essential banking, financial, and payment services to the remotest areas in India through its vast Digi-Mitra network with an extensive focus on rural and semi-rural areas.

The retailers of BANKIT get a status of money transfer retailer/money transfer service retailer as they provide Domestic Money Transfer Services to their customers and earn an extra amount of money every month. BANKIT retailers are also provided with an AePS retailer ID through which they provide cash withdrawal services to their customers using the Aadhaar of a customer.

With the best commission structure in the market, BANKIT helps its retailers to increase their monthly income to Rs. 20,000 to 25,000.