Aadhaar Payment Service

Aadhaar Payment Service

Aadhaar Pay is the easiest method of accepting payments from your customers through Aadhar linked bank account. AEPS payment method allows retailers to accept cashless payments without debit or credit cards, which is suitable for taking payments from customers who do not have access to these basic financial necessities.

To withdraw money through BANKIT Aadhar Payment App the shopkeeper just needs a biometric device and the customer’s presence at the shop. Aadhaar Pay allows merchants to collect payment through a customer’s Aadhaar Number and Biometric Authentication. The Aadhaar linked banked account is thus debited and the amount is credited to the merchant account instantly.

BANKIT AePS Payment App incorporates a secured payment method provided by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) that can allow non-tech savvy and the underserved Aadhar linked bank account holders to settle their payments through cashless mode without a debit or credit card and without even a smartphone.

BANKIT is an Aadhar payment service provider that facilitates an Aadhar Pay Merchant App for its banking correspondents and retail partners to take payments from customers easily. It also provides customers an option to send money to any ICICI Bank Account. Using AePSpe service the customers can send money instantly to any ICICI bank from their Aadhar linked account with biometric verification.

Major Features:

  • Aadhar Pay allows merchants to collect cashless payments from customers easily
  • Customers don’t need to carry a smartphone
  • Payment is processed with just Aadhar Linked Bank Account and customer’s presence in the shop
  • Instant settlement of payment account to the merchant account
  • Payments are done securely via Aadhar Payment Bank
  • Only Biometric Verification is required to process the payment

Benefits to Customers:

  • BANKIT’s Aadhar Pay App allows customers to make payments without debit or credit cards
  • Easy cashless payment option from Aadhar linked bank account
  • No prerequisite knowledge required
  • No need to own a smartphone
  • Secure Payment Option
  • Customer verified payments through biometrics
  • No need to apply for debit or credit card
  • Transfer Money instantly to any ICICI Payment using AePS service

Services Offered:

How to use Aadhaar Pay Service?

The process to accept payment through Aadhaar with  is very easy:

  • In the AePS Service segment, choose Aadhaar Pay.
  • Add the Aadhaar Linked Bank Name and Aadhaar Number.
  • Enter the amount that needs to be collected.
  • Choose the Biometric Device that’s available.
  • And capture the biometric details to process the payment.

Aadhaar Fingerprint Scanner is the most commonly used biometric device used to verify fingerprints to accept payments through Aadhar.