Government Solutions


BANKIT Government Solution Cards are changing the way government agencies handle payments. We provide modern, digital convenience for all of these, from child benefits and bus fares, to mandatory employee payments and tax refunds.

Government Solution Cards/Prepaid Card solutions are replacing checks to become the standard payment solution for government programs for everyone due to the various benefits they offer

BANKIT provides payment solutions for 4500+ URC (Unit Run Canteens) and RTO (Regional Transport Office) in seven states.

  • Collects and manages payments through various digital modes like QR Code, POS & Kiosk, and Payment Gateway.

  • Digi-Locker

  • Water Connection

  • Apply Voter ID

  • Passport Seva

  • Apply PAN Card

  • E-Filling Income Tax

  • Finger detection/Bio-Metric Services

  • Aadhaar Services

BANKIT Government Solution use public funds for programs such as:

  • Tax refund

  • Social security payments

  • Education Financing / Student Loans

  • Social assistance and disability benefits

  • The veteran benefits

  • Emergency and disaster financing

  • Child benefit and support payments

  • Pensions and employment benefits

  • Compensation of employees and unemployment benefits

  • Transit / tolls