BANKIT Prepaid Cards: Simple, Secure, and Convenient

BANKIT Prepaid Cards: Simple, Secure, and Convenient

BANKIT offers prepaid cards that are perfect for those who prefer to make cashless payments. Whether you want to shop online, pay bills, or manage your expenses more effectively, our prepaid cards provide an easy way to use and manage your money. The card works similarly to a debit card, but with a prepaid balance instead of a savings balance. With an instant issuance of the card and minimum KYC, you can transact up to INR 1 lakh per year and INR 10,000 per month. Upon completing full KYC (biometric KYC), your transaction limit is enhanced to INR 15 lakh per year and INR 5 lakh per month, with a holding limit.


Why use BANKIT Prepaid Cards

  • Use BANKIT prepaid cards for cashless payments, including online shopping, bill payment, and effective expense management.
  • These cards offer a simple, secure, and easy way to manage your money compared to a traditional debit card.
  • The prepaid balance associated with this card can be used for transactions up to INR 1 Lakh per year, and INR 10,000 per month with minimum KYC.
  • With full biometric KYC, this limit is enhanced to INR 15 Lakh per year, and INR 5 Lakh per month.
  • The card is fully secured with bank-level security features, and the holding limit is INR 2 Lakh at any point in time as per RBI guidelines.
  • BANKIT offers reloadable prepaid cards which can be loaded at BANKIT Outlets or through the BANKIT Pay App, and BANKIT Agents can earn commission on card loads.


Types of BANKIT Prepaid Cards

  • Reloadable Prepaid Card: Reload this card from the nearest BANKIT outlet or through the BANKIT Pay app.
  • Virtual Prepaid Card: Receive credentials for this non-physical card over email.
  • Gift Cards: One-time loadable cards suitable for gifting to employees, friends, and loved ones.


Key Features of BANKIT Prepaid Cards

  • Zero balance prepaid card
  • Instant activation with Official Valid Document (OVD) number
  • No bank account is required
  • Pay at any store in India accepting Rupay
  • Pay online at any website in India
  • Instant money transfer to any other card
  • Reloadable at BANKIT Outlets
  • Fully secured with bank-level security features
  • Loyalty points and various benefits
  • Attractive discounts and cashback offers on leading brands