Our solutions to your imaginations

Corporate Solutions

The Corporate Prepaid Card offers the ultimate power of controlling how you spend your money. The prepaid card is simple to use over the internet, at merchant establishments, and for cash withdrawals at ATMs. The card also offers freedom of accessibility for a number of payment services anytime- anywhere. These stored value cards can be loaded remotely and work exactly like any other debit card.

Government Solutions

Conduent Government Prepaid Card Solutions are transforming the way government agencies handle payments. We bring modern, digital convenience to everything from child support payments and bus fares to workers’ comp disbursements and tax refunds.

Campus Solutions/Institution

At BANKIT we simplify the life of students with intelligent campus solutions. The BANKIT Campus card gives students the convenience of a one card for all their needs — starting from a student identity card to an on and off-campus purchases/online payments card.

Travel Solutions

For those wishing to travel country for a holiday, for business or any other reason, they have the option of availing a debit card from their bank before setting out on their travels. Availing a debit card come with its perks as with a domestic debit card, the customer will have to spend quite a bit just on withdrawal and transaction charges.