Micro ATM / Mini ATM / mATM Machine

Micro ATM / Mini ATM / mATM Machine

A Micro ATM Machine is also known as Mini ATM machine. It is introduced by the fintech industry to serve those people who are living in remote areas and underprivileged areas which are deprived of digital and financial advancement. It is a small, handheld device that acts like an ATM. It allows you to offer banking services right where you are, without needing a traditional bank branch nearby.


BANKIT Micro ATM Machine

With BANKIT Micro ATM Machine, you can become a financial services provider in your community. It is basically used by local shop owners to provide their customers with the services that a conventional ATM would provide but with some modifications and more convenience. With BANKIT Micro ATM Machine you can provide cash withdrawal services to your customers without needing the traditional bank branch.

Micro ATM Machine Price / Mini ATM Machine Price

Get your Mini ATM from BANKIT just @1399

At BANKIT, we understand the importance of affordability. Our Micro ATM devices are priced competitively for only Rs. 1,399/- to ensure that becoming a BANKIT agent is within reach for small shop owners.


Features of BANKIT Mini ATM machine

You might be wondering what sets apart BANKIT Mini ATM from other options. Millions of people choose us because of the following reasons:


  • Easy to use: Mini ATMs are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to operate even for those who are having limited technical knowledge or experience.
  • Safe and quick: Mini ATMs are equipped with advanced security features to safeguard transactions and protect customers' financial information.
  • Portable: Mini ATMs can be easily transported to any location that lacks traditional banking infrastructure. So, you can easily provide services to your customers anywhere.
  • Accessible: Mini ATMs are designed to operate in remote and underserved areas, ensuring that banking services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their location.


Services Offered by Micro ATM

Micro ATMs offer a range of essential banking services, including:

Cash Withdrawal: By Micro ATM services you can provide instant cash withdrawal services to your customers while earning attractive commissions.

Balance Inquiry: You can provide balance enquiry service to your customers using Micro ATMs and providing them with real-time updates on their financial transactions.

Mini statement: You can also help to your customers by providing them mini statements.


Benefits of Becoming a BANKIT Micro ATM Service Provider

BANKIT is committed to offer banking and financial services to every nook of the country. especially to the communities that are underbanked and underserved. To provide banking and financial services to customers, BANKIT needs agents and retailers. Therefore, you may start a micro-ATM company in your neighbourhood with the least amount of money and the highest possible return.

  • On every Micro ATM transaction, you receive an attractive commission that will increase your income.
  • By Installing Micro ATM at your shop, you are not just selling goods instead you are serving society as a Banker as well, that provides you a special status in the society.
  • Adding special services at your shops leads to increased footfall of customers.
  • BANKIT provides you best Micro ATM device at most reasonable Mini ATM price.


How to Become BANKIT’s Micro ATM Service provider

Follow these simple steps to become a BANKIT Mini ATM service provider. 


  • Visit the BANKIT's website registration page BANKIT Registration or
  •  You can download the BANKIT agent app: BANKIT Agent App
  • Choose your Mini ATM plan and register yourself with making payment of just Rs. 1749 (Rs.350 registration charges + Rs.1399 Mini ATM device charges)
  • Complete your KYC & physical verification after payment. 
  • Once your KYC is completed, you'll receive your unique agent ID, which you can use to access a range of banking services. 
  • Enjoy the convenience of BANKIT Mini ATM device for hassle-free transactions anytime, anywhere. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Micro ATM in banking?

A Micro ATM or Mini ATM machine is a compact and portable device designed to bring essential banking services closer to people, particularly in areas where traditional banking infrastructure is limited. A Mini ATM operates as a unique “Bank-in-a Box”, allowing customers to withdraw cash and know their balance.

  1. Which company is best for Mini ATM?

BANKIT offers best Micro ATM service. Best part of BANKIT Micro ATMs is best commission on cash withdrawal, portable device, easy to use.

  1. What is the maximum withdrawal limit in Mini ATM?

Customers can withdraw up to Rs.10,000 per transaction using Mini ATM services. According to the latest update, customers can make two transactions per day with a minimum gap of half an hour between transactions. However, the transaction limits vary for each bank customer.